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What should I do? How should I proceed?

I'm almost completely new to coding, due to which I fear I will never be able to compete with the top level programmers,

asked Sep 9, 2016 by Manan Raheja

1 Answer

Well there is no first step to learn programming but there are few things that every  beginner programmer should do before getting their hands dirty in code.

  1. Be logical: Programming is all about logic and about how you solve problems.
  2. Be patient: I know coding is no rocket science but still there are people who takes time in learning new things.
  3. Hard work: Never stop doing hard work if you really want to be a good programmer than never compromise with your coding skills.
  4. Applying your skills: Improve your coding skills by applying them on real world examples.
  5. Do not mess with the syntax: Write clean codes and follow the syntax.



there are lots of website were u can start and youtube tutorial

learn the basic of any language either c,c++,java( geeksforgeeks

learn the datastructure from nptel and there are lot of question in the geeksforgeeks u can se and solve that

answered Sep 9, 2016 by intakhab Ali