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Combinatorial Formulas for interviews

Can someone give some important and essential combinatorial formulas to be know at the time of attending an interview..

Combinatorial problems and programs will also be helpful.

asked Dec 18, 2015 by ApLav

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Consult Discrete mathematics book:

Binomial and related theorems, Sum and Product rule, Repetitions and Without repetitions (both permutation and combinations), circular ones, grouping combinations and permutations.

If you need advanced, go for Pyola, Ramsey, etc. 

Pease refer Alan Tucker book : Applied Combinatorics (google books) or Scahums Series Combinatorics. 

Discrete Mathematics by Kenneth Rosen  and Discrete Mathematics by Goodrich,  PHI Publishers  are good ones to start with

answered Dec 27, 2015 by harshitgarg
selected Dec 27, 2015 by ApLav

Thank you :)