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Maximum possible number [Google Latest]

You are given two arrays of length M and N having elements in range 0-9.Your task is to create maximum number of length K from elements of these two arrays such that relative order of elements is same in the final number as in the array, they are taken from i.e. If two elements a,b are taken from array1 and and a comes before b in array1 so in the final number a should come before b (Relative order kept same) . 
Example: N=4 and M =6 
Array1 = { 3 , 4 , 6,5} 
Array2 ={9,1,2,5,8,3} 
Suppose K = 5, then number will be {9,8,6,5,3} 
You can see {9,8,3} are taken from array2 in the same order as they are in Array2. Similarly {6,5} are taken from Array1 in the same order and number 98653 is maximum possible number.

asked Nov 18, 2015 by Swanky