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C: Pointer problems in a function

I am trying to call function pointer to another function and I am getting the incompatible pointer type message.

The following part of code is string manipulation (comparison):

typedef struct node
    char ch;
    struct node *next;

typedef struct tree_node
    STRING str;
    struct tree_node *left,*right;

NODE *add_to_tree(NODE *root,STRING *str,int((*cmp_strings)(STRING *,STRING *)))
   STRING *str_temp;
   if(root == 0)
        return form_node(str);
   if(((*cmp_strings)(str,str_temp)) < 0)
   else root->right=add_to_tree(root->right,str,&cmp_strings);
   return root;

What is wrong in function add_to_tree()?

asked Nov 9, 2015 by display_error

1 Answer

The name of Function itself acts as a pointer to function (same as name of array acts as a pointer)

that is why your program is giving pointer compatibility error.

Use           add_to_tree(root->left, str,  cmp_strings);  

instead of    add_to_tree(root->left, str,  &cmp_strings);            // change for right too

  because &cmp_string represents pointer to pointer    while cmp_string is a pointer to function

answered Nov 9, 2015 by utkarsh111