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assigning weights from bottom to top in graph python


I have a graph which has following paths {1,2,3,4},{1,2,3,5},{1,6}

I have to assign weights such that from leaf to root:

1. All the leaf nodes get weight of A

2. If a node has one child: Then the weight of the node becomes A*weight of its single child

3. If a node has two or more children then weight of that node is: weight of its child1*weight of child2*A*B

e.g the output is final weights of node:

4: A, 5: A, 6: A, weight of 3: (A*A*A)*B , weight of of 2: A*(A*A*A*B), and weight of 1: Weight of 2* weight of 6*A*B

I am working with a code in python Not getting how to call this in recursion: I have three dictionaries:

    parent_of[node['id']]=parent # parent of a node as value
    child_of[node['id']]=children # the list of children of a node
    no_child_of[node['id']]=len(child_of[node['id']]) # number of children
    #assigning weights to leaf
for c in no_child_of.keys():
   if no_child_of[c]==0:
for c in weight.keys():
    if len(child_of[k])==1:
    for i in range(len(child_of[k])):
asked Aug 21, 2015 by gagan