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can a fresher from a tier 3 college get into product dev companies(as a fresher for sde roles)?

How does one apply and get an interview call from product based software companies being from a tier 3 college, considering no great achievements?
PS-Please don't give me the Anudeep Nekkanti's story!

asked Aug 9, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Going for higher studies is always a good idea for those who can study for another two years.   When you go to a college like IIT or some good university outside India, you meet totally different kind of people, your mindset changes.  And you get a tag for lifetime.

In case you can not go for higher education then you can always enhance your skill set by various methods.For example,

  •  You can participate in various online courses offered by reputed institutes like IIT(NPTEL),Stanford (Coursera),Udacity,EDX,Class Central etc This way you can be in touch in new and upcoming technologies and strengthen your skills.
  •  Register with online platforms like E-Litmus,AMCAT, COCUBES .These websites are only meant for those students who are talented enough but can not get an on-campus opportunity somehow.




answered Aug 9, 2015 by geek4u