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Google Interview :- How many distinct names are there in total ??

Given an array on 'N' names (Strings) , you have to find how many distinct name are there in total.

Details of name are described below:

  • Each name is a string of char from a to z (small letters).
  • Two names , say name1 and name2 , are said to be same if name2 can be obtained by swapping the iᵗʰ character with the jᵗʰ character in name1 where (i+j)%2=0.

Input1 : N (Size of Array)

Input2 : Array of strings containing the name of N users.

Output : return T, Total number of distinct name.


Input : 2, { abcd,cdab }


asked Mar 3, 2017 by nish
edited Mar 3, 2017 by nish